How To: Understand pregnancy, weeks 25 to 28 (Month 7)

Understand pregnancy, weeks 25 to 28 (Month 7)

Pregnancy weeks 25 to 28 mark the end of the second trimester, and the beginning of the third trimester. During month 7, your baby will be able to hear sounds and may start dreaming, but you may experience discomfort from hemorrhoids or sciatica.

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I am 30 weeks pregnant! I have lucked out and no have received stretch marks or anything. People even can't believe that I am so far along. However, I have to pee so much! Even if I decided not to drink about an hour before I go to bed, I am waking up at LEAST 2x a night. And then I have to rock my baby to sleep at night, because if I don't then he kicks me in the ribs.

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