How To: Tandem breastfeed twins

Tandem breastfeed twins

To feed twins, you are going to need a couch (loveseat preferred), a breastfeeding pillow, and two towels. Take baby one and put them against the arm of the couch with their head against the back of the couch. Next, take the other baby and do the same but on the opposite side. Now wrap your pillow around your waist and fasten it if it has straps. Pick up the first baby and place them on the top of the pillow on one of the sides with their head under one of the breasts. Wedge them in by using one of the rolled up towels. Repeat with the other baby on the other side. When you are ready to switch, take one of the babies, burp them, and then put them back by the arm of the couch with their head facing the back. Repeat with the other baby but put them on the other side. Wedge them so they don't move and then repeat with the other baby. After feeding, burp each baby one at a time and then place against the arm of the couch as done before.

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