How To: Start exercising after pregnancy

Start exercising after pregnancy

The video tells about the exercise that should be done after pregnancy, mainly the methods, procedure etc. It is narrated by Kathy Kaehler, who is a personal trainer. For more information go to

There will always be zeal to come back to your previous attained physical shape, especially after pregnancy. During and after pregnancy the body weight increases and excess fat content rises. To get back the body in shape, one has to follow a slow and perfect exercise routine and consider all other conditions. During pregnancy if one exercises, then it is generally the tapering down. After pregnancy, it is tapering up. All these exercises should be done only after taking permission from your physician. And the important point is that you cannot get back to where you left, immediately after starting the exercise. It has to be a slow and steady process. Don't be hard on yourselves. It takes a long process to make the baby by the body so give a chance to recover the body. A new workout program called NEW DIMENSION was started for Cindy Crawford, a client of Kathy Kaehler who helped to design the program. The program divides into 3 different ways: right after having baby (the first 2-3 weeks), first 2-3 months, and finally where you left your routine. It is a great program to get back into shape. And the important thing is "Always listen to your body", whether it is ready for the routine you are going to take up.

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