How To: Increase your chances of getting pregnant

Increase your chances of getting pregnant

Boost your odds of having a baby with these 10 tested tips. Learn how to increase your chances of getting pregnant with this informative video.

You Will Need:
* A relaxation technique
* Optimal body fat
* Whole grains
* Plant-based protein
* Organic vegetables
* Full-fat dairy
* Daily exercise
* Folic acid
* Acupuncture

Step 1: Relax!
Step 2: Get in shape
Step 3: Eat selectively
Step 4: Limit alcohol
Step 5: Reduce caffeine
Step 6: Don't use an electric blanket
Step 7: Get moving
Step 8: Take folic acid
Step 9: Limit pain relievers
Step 10: Try acupuncture
Step 11: Have lots of sex in the winter, when sperm counts

One-third of fertility problems can be attributed to women, another third are related to men, and the remaining third are due to either a combination of both partners or an unknown cause.

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