How To: Deal with pregnancy indigestion

Deal with pregnancy indigestion

Pregnancy indigestion is easily remedied through modifications in diet, eating routine, sleeping habits, and dress.
You Will Need
* Two or three pillows
* Loose, comfortable clothing
* A doctor

WARNING: Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.

Step 1: Avoid spicy foods
Avoid rich, acidic, and spicy foods such as chocolate, fruit juices, coffee, and alcohol.

Step 2: Eat smaller
Eat smaller amounts of food several times throughout the day instead of having three large meals.

Step 3: Chew food thoroughly
Chew your food slowly and thoroughly.

Give yourself two or three hours to digest meals before going to bed.

Step 4: Keep head propped up to sleep
Sleep with your head propped up with two or three extra pillows.

Sleeping in a comfortable chair is a good way to stay propped up.

Step 5: Wear comfortable clothing
Wear loose and comfortable clothing around your waist.

Step 6: Contact your doctor
Contact your doctor if none of the above helps with pregnancy indigestion.

Fact: One in four women report daily indigestion during pregnancy.

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