How To: Deal with an itchy pregnancy stomach

Deal with an itchy pregnancy stomach

Increased blood supply and a growing belly contribute to pregnancy itch. Take these steps to reduce the itch and gain some calm.
You Will Need
* Moisturizer
* Calamine lotion
* Loose-fitting clothes

Step 1
Avoid drying the skin with hot baths or showers. Take warm baths with oatmeal and mild soap.

Step 2
Moisturize your skin after bathing with a liberally applied moisturizer.

A heavy moisturizer such as cocoa butter can help reduce stretch marks.

Step 3
Use calamine lotion on particularly itchy spots. Store it in the fridge for a gentle cooling sensation.

Step 4
Wear loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers to avoid aggravation.

Step 5
Don't scratch your itch. Pregnancy hormones may make skin thinner and susceptible to tearing.

Fact: Cocoa butter was first extracted as massage butter in 1828 when Conrad Von Houten invented the cocoa press.

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