How To: Have sex while breastfeeding

Have sex while breastfeeding

Most new mothers are concerned about having sex while breastfeeding. Learn all about the affects of breastfeeding and sex as well as tips on how to prevent leaky breasts during sex. All you have to do is watch this maternity how to video.

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I like sex so much and as well hate love making with condom, now we have two months old baby, still breast feeding. Can I still have sex with my wife and ejeculate inside her?'s just milk. What's the big deal? I wouldn't like her wearing a bra while sex. But I don't see the big deal of milk.

hmm... She is you wife so you can have sex with her if she like the way you want it... but what about family planning.... this makes you more secured

what is the actual time that one can have sex with his wife that is nursing baby

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